Introduction to Digital Fiction and Twine

A few weeks ago, the Off the Shelf Reading & Writing Digital Fiction Workshop we organised with Andy Campbell and Judi Alston from Dreaming Methods and One to One Development Trust took place.

Project Researcher, Dr Isabelle van der Bom, provided an overview of what digital fiction is and how it has developed through the ages. Andy then introduced the ten participants to a variety of digital fiction works and software by giving an overview of his pieces, how they were developed, and by showing different software packages.


Andy Campbell talking about developing WALLPAPER.

Participants were also introduced to Twine, an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. Twine allows writers to embed hyperlinks in their story, which means that readers will need to navigate through the text by clicking these hyperlinks. Twine can be downloaded (for free), or you can use the online version (remember to archive the story if you want to save it). To get going with Twine, all you need to know are a few very basic rules, such as how make links between passages, and you can create very elaborate stories. We certainly were amazed at the variety of ideas that our workshop participants had, and how they implemented these in Twine!


Andy explaining Coppercube to a workshop participant.

Andy and Judi had made a wonderful Twine story and database based on their own immersive narrative game WALLPAPER, which participants could use in their own story creation.

It was a real learning experience for us, and very interesting to find out that participants had come to the workshop for a whole variety of different reasons. Some people contemplated the meaning of digital fiction and how it altered the writer/reader/fiction relationship, others had a background in IT or design. Yet others had ideas about creating virtual memory maps for eldery residents in care homes or were just interested in trying something new.

We had a great time and we hope that our participants did too!

New Date for the Off the Shelf Reading & Writing Digital Fiction Workshop


We are pleased to announce that the Off the Shelf Reading & Writing Digital Fiction Workshop that had to be rescheduled in October due to unforeseen sudden circumstances will now take place on Saturday the 21 January 2017 from 2pm-4pm.

This masterclass will provide a two-hour workshop on reading and writing digital fiction by digital media artists/writers Andy Campbell and Judi Alston of One to One Development Trust with Dr Isabelle van der Bom.

We will begin with a short introduction to digital fiction stories, followed by an exploration of how digital storytelling is different from writing forthe traditional print medium. Participants will then be introduced to digital writing software and get the opportunity to write somethemselves. The workshop will conclude with a short exposition of what has been achieved.

No prior knowledge of digital fiction required!

Organised by Sheffield Hallam University in association with One to One Development Trust.

Booking details:
FREE Workshop
Saturday 21 January 2-4pm
Charles Street building 12.3.10, Sheffield Hallam, S1 4RB.
Admission free but booking advisable. To book: Eventbrite Booking – Reading & Writing Digital Fiction Workshop.
Email for questions to Isabelle at
Organised by and

Being Human WALLPAPER events

We are very excited about the upcoming WALLPAPER: hope, fear and digital fiction events, part of the Being Human Festival 2016.

postcard-side-1We’re kicking off on the 17th of November, when you can join us for the WALLPAPER launch at the Art House in Wakefield. WALLPAPER is an immersive digital fiction work which will be exhibited as a large scale projection and virtual reality experience. As the reader/player of WALLPAPER, your task is to explore the house as PJ Sanders to find the missing key to the parlour, a room locked until now. By moving through the house and examining forgotten heirlooms and personal artefacts, you slowly reveal the story of PJ and a family history of unfulfilled hopes and hidden fears.

WALLPAPER provides an immersive digital experience, and on the 17th you’ll also have a chance to meet us and digital fiction developers Andy Campbell and Judi Alston (Dreaming Methods– One to One Development Trust). The installation of WALLPAPER is also open on the 22nd and 25th of November.

On the 23rd of November we’ll host a interactive talk at the Wakefield Art House, in which we will explore the origins and future of digital fiction, including the hopes and fears that digital technology bring to the future of reading and writing. We will take you on a historical tour of digital fiction from its origins in ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books’ through to experiments in hypertext to videogames and apps and invite you to discuss your ideas. Afterwards, attendees are invited to join Andy Campbell and Judi Alston’s exploration of hope and fear in their latest work WALLPAPER.

Please join us by booking yourself onto on of our free Being Human ’16 events here: Being Human Events in Yorkshire and the Humber.



Immersed in WALLPAPER: Three International Conferences!

We are really excited to be presenting the results of our reader response research on immersion in WALLPAPER at three international conferences this summer:

We will analyse the ways in which WALLPAPER‘s multimodal set-up may help us develop a media-specific theory of cognitive deixis. We will also be sharing the results of our reader-response research for the first time and, in particular, showing how we might study participant responses to learn more about the complex, hybrid and dynamic nature of immersion in digital fiction.

Great WALLPAPER piece on The Literary Platform

We are really pleased to see an article in The Literary Platform about WALLPAPER and our reader response research. The Literary Platform is an online magazine that explores the intersection of books and technology. They have reported on digital publishing, reading, and literary experimentation since 2010 and it’s an honour to be featured in this publication.

Reading WALLPAPER at Bank Street Arts

We were very excited to use WALLPAPER by Judi Alston and Andy Campbell as part of our reader-response research. In this particular study, we are interested in exploring immersion in digital fiction and also the relationship between readers and the fictional world (including the characters). We invited readers from three established reading groups in Sheffield and one pop-up created specifically for the installation to talk about their experiences of WALLPAPER at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield last November. The recordings are being transcribed, ready for Alice Bell, Astrid Ensslin, and Jen Smith to analyse them.  We will be presenting the WALLPAPER research at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference 2016 in Victoria, British Columbia in June.


WALLPAPER is a work by Dreaming Methods at One to One Development Trust funded by the Arts Council England and Sheffield Hallam University’s Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF), with support from Bank Street Arts in Sheffield and Bangor University.

Reader Response Research Resumes

The Reading Digital Fiction project work resumes this month with a series of reader response workshops where we will focus on the WALLPAPER installation currently on show at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield.

WALLPAPER by One-to-One Development Trust’s Dreaming Methods has been developed with funding from Sheffield Hallam University and Arts Council England. It is an ambitious and immersive work of digital fiction that interweaves 19th and 20th century history with futuristic technology, satirising social media and advertising. You can watch a trailer of the work below.

PI, Dr Alice Bell, talks in the following video about how we will use WALLPAPER in our research.

There are still places on our Pop-Up Book Club on the 25th November. If you’d like to discuss being involved in our future reading group sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Artists Andy Campbel and Judi Alston will talk about the development of WALLPAPER during their talk on 19th November (5.30pm) at Bank Street Arts.

Launch and Premier of digital fiction installation WALLPAPER!

We are very proud to announce the premier of WALLPAPER, a site-specific digital fiction installation running as part of Opening Up the Book at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, UK. The FREE exhibition will run from 13th November to 5th December 2015 with a FREE launch event on Thursday 12th November at 6.30pm. We are also running an artist’s talk and reading groups. To book  your place on any of the FREE events, please visit the booking page.

Grab 6616x3684 Friday Oct 09 2015 09_53_02

You can watch the WALLPAPER trailer here and read about the development process on the project blog.

WALLPAPER is produced by One to One Development Trust’s Dreaming Methods with funding from Arts Council England, Sheffield Hallam University and supported by the Reading Digital Fiction project.