This exhibition has been made possible through an AHRC Early Career Research Grant (Ref: AH/K004174/1). We are also grateful to the Humanities Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University for additional funding, the Electronic Literature Organization for sponsoring the exhibition, and the Department of Humanities at Sheffield Hallam for sponsoring the launch. We would like to thank Jen Smith for all of her excellent work on the project. Our sincere gratitude goes to John Clark at Bank Street Arts for believing in the project from the beginning and for his curatorial support with the exhibition. Thanks also to: Tom Mann and the Invigilators at Bank Street Arts for organising and staffing the exhibition/events; Prof. Dene Grigar for curatorial guidance; Charlotte Thornton and Hend Abdulmawla for helping us think about how digital literature could be exhibited; Martin Chinnery and Dan Judge at Sheffield Hallam University for the incredible IT support; Rob Leach at Door-44 and Sally Mastin at Vintedge for supplying vintage furniture; The Computing History Museum in Cambridge for supplying vintage computers; and Jack Bendall for the superb design work. Lastly, we thank all of the authors for allowing us to show their wonderful works.


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