Shortlisted Competition Entries

Here you can find the shortlisted entries for the Opening Up Digital Fiction Writing Competition. Read through, then vote for your favourites!

Note these entries will only be available on this site until the winners are announced on 25 May 2017.

500 Apocalypses (interactive fiction)
by Phantom Williams
Description: 500 Apocalypses is a web-based collection of linked flash fictions. Each of its five hundred stories, according to the concept of the project, is an entry from a mysterious and little-understood document cataloguing the collapse of civilizations on far-flung planets from throughout the universe. The collection is presented in HTML as a ‘digital memorial garden,’ an interactive space constructed in memory of these lost worlds. Users are invited to explore at their own pace, and, if desired, to contribute their own writing and artwork to the project. Neither a game nor a traditional piece of interactive fiction, 500 Apocalypses aspires only to create a meditative, web-based literary experience.
Click here for 500 Apocalypses.
All the Delicate Duplicates (narrative game)
by Mez Breeze Design & Dreaming Methods
Description: The Back[and Forth]Story consists of memory fragments told mostly by a computer engineer named John. These fragments describe John’s relationship with his daughter Charlotte, and how the memories of John’s enigmatic relative Mo skews both their perceptions and eventually, their lives.

These All The Delicate Duplicates Back[and Forth]Story fragments are arranged randomly as well as non-chronologically: select according to your whim. There are three hidden story fragments that you can see only as empty ebony squares at the start of your fragmented reading journey. These fragments will be revealed after you click on (ie read) all other fragments.

Click here for All the Delicate Duplicates.
Astra Inclinant (Twine game)
by Kaitlyn Ensley
Description: A hypertext digital fiction built with Twine. Turn your sound on.
Click here to download Astra Inclinant. Play the downloaded html file in your browser.
Bad Influences: A Blog Fiction (blog fiction)
by Emma Pooka
Description: The website above explains the reading/access options. Internet access as needed as the work is only available online. It is spread over four blogs, all linked from the main site.
Click here for Bad Influences: A Blog Fiction.
Cactus Blue Motel (Twine game)
by Astrid Dalmady
Description: An interactive fiction built using Twine.
Click here for Cactus Blue Motel.
Click Here: A Game of Choices (Twine game)
by Reed Hinckley-Barnes
Description: A Twine game about choice and games.
Click here to download Click Here: A Game of Choices. Play the html file in your browser.
Detectiveland (interactive fiction)
by Robin Johnson
Description: This is an interactive fiction game made using a new Javascript engine that creates the feel of a parser game but with a keyboardless, tablet-friendly (and newcomer-friendly) interface. Includes sound.
Click here for Detectiveland.
DO IT (mobile app)
by Serge Bouchardon, Siyu Zhang, Xuhao Lin, Romaric Delahaie, Rebecca Fribourg, Raphaël Kovacic
Description: DO IT, an interactive narrative, is an app. for smartphones and tablets (both for Android and iOS). DO IT offers four interactive experiences: adapt, rock, light up and forget. Each scene comes as an answer to contemporary injunctions: being flexible, dynamic, finding one’s way, forgetting in order to move forward…You will have to shake words – more or less strongly – in the Rock scene, or to use the gyroscope in the Light up scene. The app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. Demo; presentation.
Click for the Android version or the iOS version of DO IT.
Frritt-Flacc, by Jules Verne (mobile app)
by StoryMax
Description: Frritt-Flacc is a short story by Jules Verne retold to kids with animations, sound effects, and interactivity aimed to trigger reflection about humanitarian challenges of our time. This app is available for free in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android. There is a short story by Jules Verne and three suggested activities developed by experienced teachers and scientists: one on reflection, a scientific experiment and an exercise of social action – all of it about the United Nations SDGs.
Click for the Android version or the iOS version of Frritt-Flacc, by Jules Verne.
Hana Feels (Twine game)
by Gavin Inglis
Description: An interactive story about a girl named Hana. She will talk to several different people during the story, and you can sometimes choose what they say to her. What people say will make a difference to what Hana feels, and how she behaves. The story can end in three different ways.
Click here for Hana Feels.
H.E.LLC (interactive fiction)
by Lynda Clark
Description: A multiple-choice interactive fiction.
Click here for H.E.LLC.
Hotel (hyperfiction)
by Krishan Coupland
Description: A collection of hypertext short stories based around a hotel. Each room is occupied by a different guest with a different story. Explore using the floor plan.
Click here for Hotel.
How To Rob A Bank (hyperfiction)
by Alan Bigelow
Description: “How To Rob A Bank” is a love story in three parts. The story focuses on the misadventures of a young and inexperienced bank robber and his female accomplice. The entire work is revealed through the main characters’ use of their iPhones and the searches, texts, apps, imagery, animations, audio, and functions that appear on their iPhones. Links are provided at the end of each section to the next sections. Built with HTML5 and playable on desktop, laptop, and portable devices.
Click here for How To Rob A Bank.
Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads Part 1: “Sand + Smudges” (digital novella & VR fiction)
by Mez Breeze Design + Bradfield Narrative Designs
Description: Dynamic text which contains interactive clickable regions (underlined) that expand and reveal additional narrative. 360 photo pop-outs where a reader is able to explore a non-VR rendering of elements from the accompanying Virtual Reality Protoype Demo. An original music score and video pop-outs presented as interactive “on-click” components. A 3D immersive/VR Prototype designed to accompany Part One and has been made available to experience through a desktop PC and/or an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset.
Click here for the digital novella or the VR prototype of Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads Part 1: “Sand + Smudges”.
MetaQuest (Twine game)
by Daniel Cockcroft
Description: A hypertext created in Twine, including sound.
Click here for MetaQuest.
New Monuments Golf Club (multimedia)
by The Old Man
Description: Several multimedia stories.
Click here for New Monuments Golf Club.
Psychic High School (interactive fiction)
by Dean Hammer, Dean of Psychic High School
Description: An interactive fictional school website.
Click here for Psychic High School.
S.I.R. (Twine game)
by Rebecca Goodine
Description: Playable online at Please make sure wifi is available for offline version as well.
Click here to download S.I.R..
SLUMBER (hyperfiction)
by Benjamin Woodier
Description: An interactive, horror-based, webcomic.
Click here to download SLUMBER. Play the index.html file in your browser.
Switcheroo: Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House, Book 3 (interactive fiction)
by The Marino Family
Description: “Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House: “Switcheroo” Book 3 features a storygame set in a magical foster care home run by a woman who may or may not be a witch. Players guide the foster children through challenges that help the children deal with their sense of loss by taking them on fanciful adventures. More than anything we want the Mrs. Wobbles storygames to help kids develop their love of reading. The first selection from the Mrs. Wobbles stories is designed to offer a touching and humorous tale to middle grade readers (age 7-12), by sparking their imaginations while also tugging at their emotions. These are not 2nd person CYOA. They are 3rd person because we want the kids to get attached to these characters and their struggles. Everything from the look and feel to the prose to the artwork by Brian Gallagher is meant to convey a bookish quality. The point system rewards kids for reading more.
Click here for Switcheroo: Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House, Book 3.
The Abyss (Twine game)
by Devi Acharya
Description: A full-length interactive fiction.
Click here for The Abyss. Also available on Google Play.
The Pickle Index (interactive fiction)
by Sudden Oak
Description: Zloty Kornblatt — clown, instigator, revolutionary — has been arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced to death. Ten days from now he will be executed in some gruesome fashion — unless his dysfunctional gang of circus performers can break him free. You can help!
Click here for The Pickle Index.
This Most Desolate Isle (Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Fiction)
by Alan Stewart
Description: ‘This Most Desolate Isle’ is a piece of interactive fiction based upon Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It explores the imagined journey of Ferdinand from the moment he’s washed onto the shores of the magical island to his eventual encounter with Prospero and Miranda. This interactive text challenges you to navigate Ferdinand safely across the island, making decisions which see him placed out of harm’s way. Available for PC only.
Click here to download This Most Desolate Isle.

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