We have worked with a range of readers, writers, organisations, and businesses. Here’s what they had to say about our work.

“The Reading Digital Fiction project work at Bank Street Arts was tremendously successful. The experience of working with artists directly [for the WALLPAPER exhibition] who we hadn’t directly commissioned was new or reasonably unfamiliar for the gallery. The Reading Digital Fiction project also permitted the Opening Up the Book Festival to be enlarged and really open up wide in scale; without it there would have been no conference alongside it, for example, so its catalytic role was also important and hugely valuable. […] With all the work Alice did with us, attendances were [up to] 50 times what they would be.” John Clark, Creative Director/Owner, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield. 

“Having a partnership with Sheffield Hallam University’s Reading Digital Fiction project on ‘WALLPAPER’ was highly valuable as the research undertaken on reader engagement will help to inform and expand our artistic practice in our future digital narrative works. This partnership was a great example of different sectors working together effectively.” Judi Alston, CEO, One to One Development Trust 

“[Working with the Reading Digital Fiction project] gave me the opportunity to work first hand with families and find out what they expect/would like from us [in terms of digital provision]. It also gave me the opportunity to work in partnership with the University and your team. The event raised awareness and made us as a service search for information. It gave us the chance to ask our users what they would like from us and what they expect from us. It demonstrated how we are keen to learn how we can develop the service in the future.”Anne Frost, Early Years Librarian, Sheffield Libraries