Competition Entries: Student Work

A Time of Tungsten (Twine game)
by Devin Raposo
Description: Because this game has many sounds and can be played online, it downloads many sounds from my website. As a result, there will be a ~minute or so-long loading time. This is normal – it is loading all the audio upfront for a seamless experience. If you prefer, you can download an offline version of the game which includes all the sounds in a zip file from the game’s page. The .ogg version available there, while a smaller filesize, is not compatible with Internet Explorer, so you will have to download the larger .mp3 version if you wish to play it in in that browser. You may have trouble playing this game with the Microsoft Edge browser – if you do, Chrome and Firefox work 100% of the time, and Internet Explorer seems to work well most of the time. Thank you for your understanding.
Click here to download A Time of Tungsten. To play, simply run ‘index.html’.
Astra Inclinant (Twine game)
by Kaitlyn Ensley
Description: A hypertext digital fiction built with Twine. Turn your sound on.
Click here to download Astra Inclinant. Play the downloaded html file in your browser.
Chapter One (hyperfiction)
by Michel Ge
Description: This is a novel of layers. It is not meant to be read top to bottom, start to finish. It is meant to be read inwards.
Click here for Chapter One.
Click Here: A Game of Choices (Twine game)
by Reed Hinckley-Barnes
Description: A Twine game about choice and games.
Click here to download Click Here: A Game of Choices. Play the html file in your browser.
Flight NZ001 (Twine game)
by Tanyel Gumushan & Yasemin Gumushan
Description: The odds of a plane crash is 1 in every 1.2 million flights. Over 100,000 flights land safely every day. 1,400 flights take off and land from Heathrow Airport a day, that’s one every 45 seconds. You’re on the unlucky one. Flight NZ001 from Heathrow to New Zealand has crashed, and you were on it. The odds of being killed in a plane crash is 1 in 4.7 million. You weren’t one of them.
Click here for Flight NZ001.
Gender Bender (Twine game)
by Nona Wyld
Description: A game where you play a character who is exploring their gender identity and dealing with everyday life. This is to raise awareness of the non binary genders.
Click here for Gender Bender.
Its You (hypertext)
by N.I.R.F.I.D
Description: Its You is a story told through short extracts which aim for you to find all the hints and discover who the monster is.
Click here to download Its You.
MetaQuest (Twine game)
by Daniel Cockcroft
Description: A hypertext created in Twine, including sound.
Click here for MetaQuest.
please will anyone speak to me (interactive nonfiction)
by Jacqueline Gu
Description: A scrolling hyperstory.
Click here for please will anyone speak to me.
S.I.R. (Twine game)
by Rebecca Goodine
Description: Playable online at Please make sure wifi is available for offline version as well.
Click here to download S.I.R..
SLUMBER (hyperfiction)
by Benjamin Woodier
Description: An interactive, horror-based, webcomic.
Click here to download SLUMBER. Play the index.html file in your browser.
The Abyss (Twine game)
by Devi Acharya
Description: A full-length interactive fiction.
Click here for The Abyss. Also available on Google Play.
The Narrated City (procedural fiction)
by Gareth Damian Martin
Description: An experimental, procedural narrative that explores cities as fictional objects. Each reading is unique, generated by an underlying cloud structure that mirrors the network and data structures that thread through our own urban spaces. Using this method The Narrated City creates a textual arrangement of overlapping memory, architecture and movement whose gaps provide space for unwritten narratives to flower. In order to see the cover please play on a device connected to the internet. The Narrated City changes on each reading, and can be read for any number of pages.
Click here to download The Narrated City.
The Runes at Uppsala (map-based narrative)
by Cait Powell
Description: Certain experiences and certain traumas can trap us in the past and shape how we experience our current physical world. This project plays with how rooting a story told through poetry in an explicit, visible location changes a reader’s experience of the words they’re reading, and allows me to confront the physical spaces from my past and give myself voice there. “The Runes at Uppsala” is a digital poetry chapbook that explores the relationship between a poem and the physical space that inspires or contextualizes it. It maps a collection of original poetry to the physical locations where the events in the poetry took place and, through the Google Street View API, allows the user to actually explore the physical space while searching the space for poems.
Click here for The Runes at Uppsala.
This Most Desolate Isle (Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Fiction)
by Alan Stewart
Description: ‘This Most Desolate Isle’ is a piece of interactive fiction based upon Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It explores the imagined journey of Ferdinand from the moment he’s washed onto the shores of the magical island to his eventual encounter with Prospero and Miranda. This interactive text challenges you to navigate Ferdinand safely across the island, making decisions which see him placed out of harm’s way. Available for PC only.
Click here to download This Most Desolate Isle.
H.E.LLC (interactive fiction)
by Lynda Clark
Description: A multiple-choice interactive fiction.
Click here for H.E.LLC.