Competition Entries: P-Z

Psychic High School (interactive fiction)
by Dean Hammer, Dean of Psychic High School
Description: An interactive fictional school website.
Click here for Psychic High School.
Recollections: 12 Vignettes from Lashihai (iPad app)
by two.5
Description: Two.5 were invited to China in November-December 2014 for a residency in a Naxi farming village in Lijiang county, Yunnan province. During the residency we wove together found artefacts, images of the landscape, portraiture and biographical accounts to create a texturally rich record of the place in the time that we were there.
Click here for Recollections: 12 Vignettes from Lashihai.
Refugee (interactive fiction)
by Mark Marino
Description: With no home, no recourse to national protection or defense, no clear path forward, citizen zero of the global world is the refugee. In this tale, we recast figures in the contemporary refugee crisis against the mythos of the quintessential traveler, Odysseus, for the refugee likewise travels cursed, unable to return home. The story of the refugee is a harrowing reality reimagined here in terms of sirens and cyclops, not to make the horrors of war fanciful but to render the tale of the most trivialized and disenfranchized of global citizens in epic terms. In this interactive story, we explore the international crisis of the refugee by placing the reader on a raft leaving Syria and set adrift. Choosing from one of nine iconic positions in the refugee crisis, the reader can explore tales of misfortune while trying to survive. What does it take to survive this existential journey with humanity in tact? How can one negotiate the turbulent waters and the whims of unseen gods and foreign powers in the human tragedy of a proxy war.
Click here for Refugee.
Resting The Alive Things (hyperfiction)
by Kayssie K.
Description: A hyperfiction combining text and animated GIFs. This piece deals with the themes of transiency and involuntary actions. The girl in this piece undergoes challenges that seem to push their way into her mind while making her forget the things that used to be habit for her. Suddenly, little things like breathing and surviving become foreign to her. It is almost as if she needs to remind herself how to live again. As she lays there, watching the night fold onto her numbed by fear and anxiety, she watches as death slide over her.
Click here for Resting The Alive Things.
S.I.R. (Twine game)
by Rebecca Goodine
Description: Playable online at Please make sure wifi is available for offline version as well.
Click here to download S.I.R..
Six hours and a half: an interactive play (messenger play)
by Denis Stolyarov
Description: “The play is based on Telegram messenger platform, it’s a bot which is reachable from your PC/Mac/Linux as well as from Android/IPhone/IPad/WP mobile devices. For more information please visit
Click here for Six hours and a half: an interactive play.
SLUMBER (hyperfiction)
by Benjamin Woodier
Description: An interactive, horror-based, webcomic.
Click here to download SLUMBER. Play the index.html file in your browser.
Switcheroo: Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House, Book 3 (interactive fiction)
by The Marino Family
Description: “Mrs. Wobbles and the Tangerine House: “Switcheroo” Book 3 features a storygame set in a magical foster care home run by a woman who may or may not be a witch. Players guide the foster children through challenges that help the children deal with their sense of loss by taking them on fanciful adventures. More than anything we want the Mrs. Wobbles storygames to help kids develop their love of reading. The first selection from the Mrs. Wobbles stories is designed to offer a touching and humorous tale to middle grade readers (age 7-12), by sparking their imaginations while also tugging at their emotions. These are not 2nd person CYOA. They are 3rd person because we want the kids to get attached to these characters and their struggles. Everything from the look and feel to the prose to the artwork by Brian Gallagher is meant to convey a bookish quality. The point system rewards kids for reading more.
Click here for Switcheroo: Mrs. Wobbles & the Tangerine House, Book 3.
The Abyss (Twine game)
by Devi Acharya
Description: A full-length interactive fiction.
Click here for The Abyss. Also available on Google Play.
The Department of Lost Objects (Twitter fiction)
by Mauricio Montiel Figueiras
Description: A story told in tweets.
Click here for The Department of Lost Objects.
The Matter Realm (ChoiceScript)
by Simon Chanson
Description: A multiple-choice interactive fiction.
Click here for The Matter Realm.
The Narrated City (procedural fiction)
by Gareth Damian Martin
Description: An experimental, procedural narrative that explores cities as fictional objects. Each reading is unique, generated by an underlying cloud structure that mirrors the network and data structures that thread through our own urban spaces. Using this method The Narrated City creates a textual arrangement of overlapping memory, architecture and movement whose gaps provide space for unwritten narratives to flower. In order to see the cover please play on a device connected to the internet. The Narrated City changes on each reading, and can be read for any number of pages.
Click here to download The Narrated City.
The Pickle Index (interactive fiction)
by Sudden Oak
Description: Zloty Kornblatt — clown, instigator, revolutionary — has been arrested, imprisoned, and sentenced to death. Ten days from now he will be executed in some gruesome fashion — unless his dysfunctional gang of circus performers can break him free. You can help!
Click here for The Pickle Index.
The Vampire (Twitter fiction)
by Mauricio Montiel Figueiras
Description: A story told in tweets.
Click here for The Vampire.
This Most Desolate Isle (Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Fiction)
by Alan Stewart
Description: ‘This Most Desolate Isle’ is a piece of interactive fiction based upon Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It explores the imagined journey of Ferdinand from the moment he’s washed onto the shores of the magical island to his eventual encounter with Prospero and Miranda. This interactive text challenges you to navigate Ferdinand safely across the island, making decisions which see him placed out of harm’s way. Available for PC only.
Click here to download This Most Desolate Isle.
Untrace (hyperfiction)
by Serge Bouchardon, Clément Routier, Agathe Guillemot, Antoine Aufrechter, Elsa Chaudet, Vincent Volckaert
Description: A short online interactive narrative. The theme of “Untrace” is that of the trace. A character looks both at the traces that he/she comes across in his/her life and at those he/she leaves. The story is an opportunity to play on the digital traces left by the reader, voluntarily and involuntarily (as well as those left by other readers). It depicts the tension between the desire to leave traces and to erase all traces, between the desire to leave something behind and the temptation to disappear leaving nothing and to erase everything. The piece requires a PC with an internet connection, headphones (or loudspeakers) and a webcam. The piece is developed in HTML5/Javascript.
Click here for Untrace.
V. and the Rhododendrons (Twitter fiction)
by Mauricio Montiel Figueiras
Description: A story told in tweets.
Click here for V. and the Rhododendrons.
Væsner (blog fiction)
by Anne Nielsen
Description: The narrative takes form as an on-going blog written – in English and Danish – by the fictive ‘Anne Nielsen’. It has a Twitter account as well: @vaesner.
Click here for Væsner.
Variegated Southlands (interactive narrative)
by Jason Nelson
Description: An interactive Infinitely zooming prose narrative.
Click here for Variegated Southlands.
Ventilator (interactive fiction)
by Peregrine Wade
Description: The heat is stifling, the hotel room is vastly overpriced, and your heart is in pieces. But the worse is yet to come… WARNING: This story contains potentially humorous depictions of Mexican headgear.
Click here for Ventilator.
We Descend, Volume Two (hypertext)
by Bill Bly
Description: An archive of Writings gathered over a span of many generations. An unnamed Scholar comes into possession of this archive of ancient texts, a discovery he hopes will make his career, but instead it destroys him — not, however, before he finds a way to pass them on to us. This second volume of selected Writings from the archive is here rendered into hypertext form using HTML 5 & CSS 3, with the aim of being responsive and accessible to as many different devices as possible, and may be read on any computer, tablet, or phone that can access the internet.
Click here for We Descend, Volume Two.
We Stood On The Bridge / Roeddem ni yn sefyll ar y bont (interactive fiction)
by Geraint Edwards
Description: Available in English or Welsh. A story for two or more people, requiring a smartphone with a QR reader. Also available as a mobile app from the website link.
Click here for We Stood On The Bridge / Roeddem ni yn sefyll ar y bont.