Competition Entries: I-O

I am ready (hyperfiction)
by Natasha Boskic
Description: A hyperfiction created with image and text.
Click here for I am ready.
Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads Part 1: “Sand + Smudges” (digital novella & VR fiction)
by Mez Breeze Design + Bradfield Narrative Designs
Description: Dynamic text which contains interactive clickable regions (underlined) that expand and reveal additional narrative. 360 photo pop-outs where a reader is able to explore a non-VR rendering of elements from the accompanying Virtual Reality Protoype Demo. An original music score and video pop-outs presented as interactive “on-click” components. A 3D immersive/VR Prototype designed to accompany Part One and has been made available to experience through a desktop PC and/or an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset.
Click here for the digital novella or the VR prototype of Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads Part 1: “Sand + Smudges”.
Its You (hypertext)
by N.I.R.F.I.D
Description: Its You is a story told through short extracts which aim for you to find all the hints and discover who the monster is.
Click here to download Its You.
Laid Off from the Synesthesia Factory (interactive fiction)
by Katherine Morayati
Description: A work of interactive fiction, inspired by parser-based storytelling experiments such as Andrew Plotkin’s “The Space Under the Window” and recent experiments in fragmentary static fiction such as Jennifer Egan’s “Black Box,” Jenny Offill’s “Dept. of Speculation” and Mary Robison’s “Why Did I Ever.”
Click here for Laid Off from the Synesthesia Factory.
Loss of Grasp (Flash fiction)
by Serge Bouchardon, Vincent Volckaert
Description: An online digital creation about the notions of grasp and control. Under which circumstances do we feel we have a grip on our life or not? Six scenes feature a character who is losing grasp. At the same time, this play on grasp and loss of grasp mirrors the reader’s experience of an interactive digital work. The piece requires headphones (or loudspeakers) and a webcam (for the fifth scene). The interaction with the piece lasts about 10 minutes.
Click here for Loss of Grasp.
LossLit Digital Literature Project (Twitter project)
by Aki Schilz and Kit Caless
Description: A monthly Twitter writeclub invites creative, original, tweet-length responses to ‘loss’ and attracts hundreds of contributions, trending in the UK each month. Curated highlights from the writeclub are Storified, and in 2015 a magazine was set up for longform pieces to the theme.
Click here for LossLit Digital Literature Project.
Lyreless (hyperfiction)
by Bruno Dias
Description: A surreal, lightly interactive retelling of the Orpheus myth, originally written for Sub-Q magazine. Short.
Click here for Lyreless.
Marble Springs (wiki)
by Deena Larsen
Description: The wiki format embodies the Welsh idea of village as story telling as it is an open format and characters and writers are free to come and go in an homage to lyrical traditions stemming from Dylan Thomas.
Click here for Marble Springs.
Metanoia (interactive fiction)
by Katharina Hendrickx
Description: As the story is partly digital as well as partly analogue, the work includes pictures of the analogue pieces (a suitcase with a coat including different items in the coat pockets). The analogue pieces are not essential to the narrative but serve to compliment the digital story. The USB key is the transition from the analogue to the digital world where the items fit into. Please download and unzip the entire file. Otherwise some elements of the story might get lost. You can find the photos of the analogue pieces in the folder titled ‘Images’ above the Zip file. By clicking on the Metanoia.html link you will be able to access the digital part of the story, which will open in a browser (works best in Safari or Firefox).
Click here for Metanoia.
MetaQuest (Twine game)
by Daniel Cockcroft
Description: A hypertext created in Twine, including sound.
Click here for MetaQuest.
Mirror and Queen (interactive fiction)
by Chandler Groover
Description: Reflections usually last between fifteen and forty minutes. Every reader will encounter different text depending on what they ask about, and in what order. Replays are not necessary for a full experience.
Click here for Mirror and Queen.
New Monuments Golf Club (multimedia)
by The Old Man
Description: Several multimedia stories.
Click here for New Monuments Golf Club.
New Physics (Flash fiction)
by F. J. Bergmann
Description: A story using Flash.
Click here to download New Physics.