Competition Entries: D-H

Detectiveland (interactive fiction)
by Robin Johnson
Description: This is an interactive fiction game made using a new Javascript engine that creates the feel of a parser game but with a keyboardless, tablet-friendly (and newcomer-friendly) interface. Includes sound.
Click here to download Detectiveland. Play the html file in your browser.
Dirty Laundry: an interlacing of images and text (iPad app)
by two.5
Description: An internet-based digital book comprising of 12 short stories written to illustrate and accompany 12 photographic triptychs.
Click here for Dirty Laundry: an interlacing of images and text.
DO IT (mobile app)
by Serge Bouchardon, Siyu Zhang, Xuhao Lin, Romaric Delahaie, Rebecca Fribourg, Raphaël Kovacic
Description: DO IT, an interactive narrative, is an app. for smartphones and tablets (both for Android and iOS). DO IT offers four interactive experiences: adapt, rock, light up and forget. Each scene comes as an answer to contemporary injunctions: being flexible, dynamic, finding one’s way, forgetting in order to move forward…You will have to shake words – more or less strongly – in the Rock scene, or to use the gyroscope in the Light up scene. The app is available for free on Google Play and the App Store. Demo; presentation.
Click for the Android version or the iOS version of DO IT.
Escape to Princess (Twine game)
by Hazel Gold
Description: An alternative portal fantasy for adults.
Click here for Escape to Princess.
Flight NZ001 (Twine game)
by Tanyel Gumushan & Yasemin Gumushan
Description: The odds of a plane crash is 1 in every 1.2 million flights. Over 100,000 flights land safely every day. 1,400 flights take off and land from Heathrow Airport a day, that’s one every 45 seconds. You’re on the unlucky one. Flight NZ001 from Heathrow to New Zealand has crashed, and you were on it. The odds of being killed in a plane crash is 1 in 4.7 million. You weren’t one of them.
Click here for Flight NZ001.
Four Sittings in a Sinking House (hyperfiction)
by Bruno Dias
Description: A short interactive horror story. Runs best on modern desktop browsers (preferably Chrome).
Click here for Four Sittings in a Sinking House.
Frritt-Flacc, by Jules Verne (mobile app)
by StoryMax
Description: Frritt-Flacc is a short story by Jules Verne retold to kids with animations, sound effects, and interactivity aimed to trigger reflection about humanitarian challenges of our time. This app is available for free in English, Spanish and Portuguese, and can be downloaded to smartphones and tablets, iOS and Android. There is a short story by Jules Verne and three suggested activities developed by experienced teachers and scientists: one on reflection, a scientific experiment and an exercise of social action – all of it about the United Nations SDGs.
Click for the Android version or the iOS version of Frritt-Flacc, by Jules Verne.
Gender Bender (Twine game)
by Nona Wyld
Description: A game where you play a character who is exploring their gender identity and dealing with everyday life. This is to raise awareness of the non binary genders.
Click here for Gender Bender.
H.E.LLC (interactive fiction)
by Lynda Clark
Description: A multiple-choice interactive fiction.
Click here for H.E.LLC.
Hana Feels (Twine game)
by Gavin Inglis
Description: An interactive story about a girl named Hana. She will talk to several different people during the story, and you can sometimes choose what they say to her. What people say will make a difference to what Hana feels, and how she behaves. The story can end in three different ways.
Click here for Hana Feels.
Hippo on Elm Street (interactive fiction)
by Adri
Description: “Baby, it’s cold outside. All you want to do is snuggle up in a warm sock and take a nap. But something seems to be going on in the house, and you’re determined to find out what it is. This game is based in the world of the House Hippo, a PSA by the Concerned Children’s Advertisers.
Click here to download Hippo on Elm Street. Play the html file in your browser.
Home: an exploration (Twine game)
by Martin Locock
Description: A hypertext built using Twine, on the subject of “home”.
Click here for Home: an exploration.
Hotel (hyperfiction)
by Krishan Coupland
Description: A collection of hypertext short stories based around a hotel. Each room is occupied by a different guest with a different story. Explore using the floor plan.
Click here for Hotel.
How To Rob A Bank (parts 1 & 2) (hyperfiction)
by Alan Bigelow
Description: “How To Rob A Bank” is a love story in three parts. The story focuses on the misadventures of a young and inexperienced bank robber and his female accomplice. The entire work is revealed through the main characters’ use of their iPhones and the searches, texts, apps, imagery, animations, audio, and functions that appear on their iPhones. Links are provided at the end of each section to the next sections. Built with HTML5 and playable on desktop, laptop, and portable devices.
Click here for How To Rob A Bank.