Competition Entries: #, A-C

_feralC_ (Twitter fiction)
by Mez Breeze
Description: _feralC_ was created in 2010 using Twitter as its principle story-telling medium. The _feralC_ story developed in real-time, shaped by participating audience members, as the 5 primary chars (characters) chatted and interacted through their tweet dialogues. The story unfolded via live Sessions where both primary chars and secondary chars (see below) engaged with each other. Further description and instructions on the site.
Click here for _feralC_.
280 Stops (interactive fiction)
by Paradise Circus
Description: A novella for the Internet about the 11 bus, collectively written by Paradise Circus which for this exercise was: Jon Bounds; Jon Hickman; Adam Juniper; Leonardo Morgado; Danny Smith; Ben Waddington; Benji Whitehouse; Who?
Click here for 280 Stops.
500 Apocalypses (interactive fiction)
by Phantom Williams
Description: 500 Apocalypses is a web-based collection of linked flash fictions. Each of its five hundred stories, according to the concept of the project, is an entry from a mysterious and little-understood document cataloguing the collapse of civilizations on far-flung planets from throughout the universe. The collection is presented in HTML as a ‘digital memorial garden,’ an interactive space constructed in memory of these lost worlds. Users are invited to explore at their own pace, and, if desired, to contribute their own writing and artwork to the project. Neither a game nor a traditional piece of interactive fiction, 500 Apocalypses aspires only to create a meditative, web-based literary experience.
Click here for 500 Apocalypses.
A Time of Tungsten (Twine game)
by Devin Raposo
Description: Because this game has many sounds and can be played online, it downloads many sounds from my website. As a result, there will be a ~minute or so-long loading time. This is normal – it is loading all the audio upfront for a seamless experience. If you prefer, you can download an offline version of the game which includes all the sounds in a zip file from the game’s page. The .ogg version available there, while a smaller filesize, is not compatible with Internet Explorer, so you will have to download the larger .mp3 version if you wish to play it in in that browser. You may have trouble playing this game with the Microsoft Edge browser – if you do, Chrome and Firefox work 100% of the time, and Internet Explorer seems to work well most of the time. Thank you for your understanding.
Click here to download A Time of Tungsten.
All the Delicate Duplicates (narrative game)
by Mez Breeze Design & Dreaming Methods
Description: The Back[and Forth]Story consists of memory fragments told mostly by a computer engineer named John. These fragments describe John’s relationship with his daughter Charlotte, and how the memories of John’s enigmatic relative Mo skews both their perceptions and eventually, their lives.

These All The Delicate Duplicates Back[and Forth]Story fragments are arranged randomly as well as non-chronologically: select according to your whim. There are three hidden story fragments that you can see only as empty ebony squares at the start of your fragmented reading journey. These fragments will be revealed after you click on (ie read) all other fragments.

Click here for All the Delicate Duplicates. (Judges: Use download link emailed to you.)
Ariadne in Aeaea (interactive fiction)
by Victor Ojuel
Description: The zip file includes both the “Ariadne in Aeaea” .gblorb file (the game itself) as well as the Glulxe installer (the interpreter that needs to be installed and from which the .gblorb file can be opened in order to play the game).
Click here to download Ariadne in Aeaea.
Astra Inclinant (Twine game)
by Kaitlyn Ensley
Description: A hypertext digital fiction built with Twine. Turn your sound on.
Click here to download Astra Inclinant. Play the downloaded html file in your browser.
Bad Influences: A Blog Fiction (blog fiction)
by Emma Pooka
Description: The website above explains the reading/access options. Internet access as needed as the work is only available online. It is spread over four blogs, all linked from the main site.
Click here for Bad Influences: A Blog Fiction.
Cactus Blue Motel (Twine game)
by Astrid Dalmady
Description: An interactive fiction built using Twine.
Click here for Cactus Blue Motel.
Cape (interactive fiction)
by Bruno Dias
Description: A novella-length, interactive, science fiction/superhero story.
Click here for Cape.
Cartomancy (DF genre)
by F. J. Bergmann
Description: An interactive tarot card reading.
Click here to download all versions of Cartomancy. The html file can be opened in your browser.
Chaos at Visual Chaos (net art story)
by Jody Zellen
Description: A browser-based story integrating image, drawings, and text.
Click here for Chaos at Visual Chaos.
Chapter One (hyperfiction)
by Michel Ge
Description: This is a novel of layers. It is not meant to be read top to bottom, start to finish. It is meant to be read inwards.
Click here for Chapter One.
Click Here: A Game of Choices (Twine game)
by Reed Hinckley-Barnes
Description: A Twine game about choice and games.
Click here to download Click Here: A Game of Choices. Play the html file in your browser.
Cultural Malaise Diagnostic Survey (interactive fiction)
by F. J. Bergmann
Description: This is an ostensible diagnostic survey for entertainment purposes.
Click here to download Cultural Malaise Diagnostic Survey. Also available online here.